epilepsy awareness.
Finding better treatments.

Shay Emma Hammer was the first known case in the world of a rare childhood
epilepsy disorder known as SCN8A. Read how her journey has helped hundreds
of children and families around the world.

SEHRF's Mission

The Shay Emma Hammer Research Foundation (SEHRF) is committed to improving the quality of life of children suffering from epilepsy and other brain disorders by supporting scientific research to improve our understanding of the fundamental processes that regulate brain function and to discover new treatments.

What We Do

Support the Registry

SEHRF and the University of Arizona Hammer Lab have been working to better meet the needs of children with SCN8A-related disorders and address the increasing diversity of the worldwide SCN8A community.

You can help SEHRF advance the scientific understanding of SCN8A by supporting the Registry.

Families can join and participate in the Registry program!

SEHRF is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by epilepsy and other brain disorders in children.

We do so by increasing epilepsy awareness and gathering critical information that supports families, clinicians and researchers.

Support the Cause

Find Better Treatments

SEHRF funds innovative research aimed at advancing existing therapies and finding new treatments that target the underlying processes that lead to neurological disease.

Projects range from supporting SCN8A epilepsy-specific research to funding scientific research focusing on new and improved treatment therapies with fewer side effects for children battling all forms of epilepsy and related brain disorders.

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